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Why nursery is important for your child?

If you are a parent of a child who is between the ages of 2 and 4, you know that you have an important decision to make on what to do with the Nursery. For some, it is not a choice due to financial pressures or career demands. Regardless of the reason, please be assured that sending your child to the nursery will have a positive influence on your child’s growth and development and their progress at school. The research also shows that preschool is important for children.


Nursery prepares your child for kindergarten

As a parent, you may want to enroll your child into the Nursery to launch them on the path of academic success. At the same time, you may worry that too much focus on academic skills may push the child to grow too soon and miss playtime. Different opinion and advice from friends and family makes it even worse. A high-quality nursery offers both. A high-quality nursery will provide opportunities for learning through play and focuses on the overall development of children. Children who have attended nursery will adapt easily to kindergarten, have greater social skills and they will feel more secure in a different environment. The easy transition to kindergarten will ease parent’s worries.

Nursery provides a structured environment for growth

The Nursery children like daily routines. Clinical psychologist Dr. Laura Markham explains, “A predictable routine allows children to feel safe and to develop a sense of mastery in handling their lives.” When children understand what is expected from them, it gives them a sense of security and order.

At the same time, free pay or child-led learning environment is also important for children to think, dream and relax. A high-quality nursery will provide a balance of both structured and unstructured environment which would help your child to grow.

Nursery helps children develop socially and emotionally

In a nursery setting, children get an opportunity to mingle with peers, make friends, gain a sense of self and build confidence. The nursery environment helps in building trusting relationships and attachment outside the family. When children can express their likes and dislikes to others, it builds a positive self-image. Nursery plays an important role in developing self-discipline, values, manners, and respect towards others.

Nursery provides a strong foundation for children’s learning and nurture their curiosity

Researchers have stated that early childhood is an important stage in one’s life in terms of a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. They have learned that a child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come. It is a time when children particularly need high-quality personal care and stimulating learning experiences.

Children are curious and they have a lot of questions for which they seek answers. Even you as a parent may find it difficult to answer some of their questions. Nursery makes this easier by teaching your children to find answers to their questions through exploration, experimentation, and conversation. For example, the Role Play area in a high-quality nursery is well-stocked with costumes, “props,” and child-size household items such as kitchen, vessels, and cupboards. It’s often in this role play area that children progress steadily from solitary play, to one-on-one play, to complicated group play.

Therefore, preschool is much more than just playing or learning academics. While the basic academic earning (like literacy and numeracy) are tangible, the progress children do towards their holistic development is truly invaluable. Please don’t let your child miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Kavitha Ashly

Ms. Kavitha Ashly has 8 years of experience in the field of education in India and UAE of which more than 4 years in early education field. She has a CACHE Level 5 qualification from UK, so that when it comes to nursery management and leadership, she is always at the top of her game. Her passion, skills and knowledge in child care is the driving force behind the establishment of Evergreen Nursery in the year 2015. She is particularly passionate about involving parents in their children's learning and has always taken initiative in introducing parent involvement concepts in the nursery like home learning program, parent volunteering, charity programs with parents etc. all of which proved to be successful.